Enjoy exploring the 'Verse in style!
(while avoiding the Alliance along the way)

T R A V E L   P O S T E R S


The second planet of the protostar Lux in the White Sun system, where one could find the pinnacle of high society & the depths of the criminal underworld amidst the planet's famously tiered societal structure.


The fourth moon of Athens of the Georgia system owned primarily by a woman named Patience and rumored to have a Blue Sun facility underneath one of the mountains.


The third planet of the White Sun system (orbiting the White Sun) and is the seat of Eastern civilization in the Union of Allied Planets. It is where many Registered Companions undergo their training in the spiritual and physical arts they are known for.


The second planet of the Georgia system (orbiting the sun Georgia) and is known for being a mining planet that has been afflicted from a degenerative disease called Bowden's Malady.


The tenth planet of the White Sun system is home to the system's wealthiest folk in luxurious private floating palaces. Each estate is the size of a small town & float gracefully a mile above the Bellerophon Sea.

C H A L L E N G E   C O I N

This 1.75" coin is a mixture of both an antique gold finish over most of the coin and an antique silver finish for the spaceship Serenity herself. The front depicts our favorite Firefly-class ship soaring through space while the back showcases our WuXing Travel Agency logo nicely for all the 'Verse to see!


Awesome postcards from beyond the stars!