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"Firefly 20th Anniversary" Metal Collector Coin

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Firefly/Serenity-inspired 1.75” antique gold plated metal coin with Glow-In-The-Dark enamel. AVAILABLE IN TWO VERSIONS!

"This is why you'll never be in charge, Bree. You don't see the whole. The parts are crap, but you put it together you got a Firefly. Thing'll run forever they got a mechanic even half awake... Some people ain't lookin' for flash. She's a good catch."

The Firefly-class transport ship is a series of multipurpose, mid-bulk transport boats (and also the namesake of the show) in a realm of space known as The 'Verse. Designed by Allied Spacecraft Corporation, the hulls and engines are constructed at their shipyard at New Burbank (on planet Osiris) while final outfitting was outsourced to a dozen smaller companies, including the newly formed Firefly Ship Works (on planet Hera).

This 1.75" coin is a mixture of both an antique gold finish over most of the coin and an antique silver finish for the spaceship Serenity herself. The front depicts our favorite Firefly-class ship soaring through space while the back showcases the WuXing Travel Agency (who commissioned this beautiful coin into existence). Remember to Book Your Tour of The 'Verse Today™!

I designed this coin to be a beautiful collectible keepsake for all my fellow Browncoats out there (or any fan of challenge coins, for that matter). In my opinion, there aren't enough good Firefly pieces out there and I wanted to help that mission along. You can get this shiny piece of "history" in its regular challenge coin form or the keychain coin variant.

Did I mention that it GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK! Impress your fellow Browncoats and watch them cry with gorram envy!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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