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"Map of the Continent" Art Print

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Detailed square map print of The Continent, the land in which The Witcher takes place. This map shows both the Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard!

Dandelion here! Witcher fans know The Continent well. And there are several maps out there that show the Northern Kingdoms or the Empire of Nilfgaard but only a select few shows BOTH! Many moons were spent making sure this is as accurate as possible and only Dandy Lion Excursions could deliver such a product! Never be lost again in the Wilds! (Unless you drink that Spicy Gooseberry Juice in Novigrad; I was lost for DAYS!)  - D

This map was originally offered at Comic Con At Home 2021 briefly but the quality on the canvas was not up to my level of perfection. So after tooling the map a bit, I'm not offering the map in two sizes - 10" x 10" on Extra Heavy Linen Card Stock and 16" x 16" on Luster Gloss Poster Paper. I do plan on offering this on canvas eventually when I find a printer who can print quality at a reasonable rate.

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your patronage!


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