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Willow "Tir Asleen" Travel Poster

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Willow-inspired fictional travel poster of the fabled (yet cursed) kingdom.

Located on the Western continent of the Mother World, extending westward to the Inland Ocean, and southwest to the Stoneblades mountain range, Tir Asleen was the greatest and most prosperous Daikini kingdom in all the land (with Galladoorn a close second). But when the evil Queen Bavmorda took power, Tir Asleen was cursed and fell into ruin...and legend. But thanks to a small group of heroes (with help from the Knights of Galladoorn), Tir Asleen was saved and the evil vanquished!

We at the Sons of Galladoorn had this poster created to commemorate the Battle of Tir Asleen. Adorn this on your castle wall with pride and never forget the battle that turned the tide for our beloved kingdoms!

11" x 17" version: printed on 130 lb. Linen textured Extra Heavy Card Stock.
18" x 24" version: printed on a slightly thicker 10 mil. Luster Gloss Poster paper.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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