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Comic Superhero Minimalist Poster Series Bundle!! WHAM!

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Pick Your Superheroes
Comic Book-themed minimalist character poster, focusing on one character and the world they reside in. Buy in a bundle and save more than just the day!

These stylistic superheroes were first created as part of a political commission poster. But now I'm giving each their own spotlight! Each hero now is center stage and has a subtle background that compliments them with a scene of their world, complete with various Easter eggs and hidden gems. And bundling them up can save you a little cash while you save the day!

• Buy 2: Save $5.00
• Buy 3: Save $10.00

These posters are printed on 100 lb. Light Cardstock paper with a satin coating to help pop the colors. You are ready to fight crime in whatever room you hang these! Grab one print or multiple prints and save some money! Evil-doers beware!

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your patronage!


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