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"Codes of the Galaxy (Jedi vs. Sith)" Italian Marble Coasters

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Choose Your Way of the Force!

Star Wars-themed 4" x 4" Italian tumbled-marble tiles to hold your favorite drink.

Even in a galaxy far, far away, all inhabitants of various star systems have a thirst. But sometimes once does not have a proper place to rest your cup of Blue Milk or your glass of Moogan Tea. Rest easy, for we have an answer to your problem!

These beautiful 4" x 4" Italian tumbled-marble tiles are blessed by The Force itself! All are hand printed with a custom design showcasing the Jedi Order (and its Code of Honor) or the Sith Order (and its own Code of Beliefs) upon them. Each tile is quarried, cut and tumbled in Europe from the highest quality marble to create an old-world aesthetic. Each coaster is unique and is a perfect collectible keepsake for any Star Wars fan, space adventurer, freedom fighter, or anyone with a penchant for drinking anything.

Get one for your drink of choice. Or purchase 4 and score a nice iron coaster stand (known to be forged in the Outer Rim) for free! There's nothing like this out there and you could have the bragging rights within your entire conclave of Force users.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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