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ME Galactic Decal Sets

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Galactic Decal Choices
Mass Effect-inspired adhesive vinyl decals. Celebrate your love & pride as a Spectre with the coolest stickers this side of the galaxy map.

Does your datapad need a little flair to brighten it up? Your spaceship looking a little dull without some art in the windows? Need some adhesive labeling on your armor of choice? We have you covered (literally) with these amazing decals!
Buy each type separately or get the whole bundle and save some credits!

3 vinyl stickers featuring 3 key locations in our beloved Citadel. They consist of:

Purgatory Dance Club & Bar (2" x 5"): a popular dance club and bar where various citizens from all races often visit the bar to drink and dance.

Apollo's Cafe (2.5" x 4"): a busy coffee establishment in the Presidium Commons.

Prothean Historical Society (2" x 5"): a relatively new group formed after the incident on Eden Prime in 2183 CE. The goal of the society is to help preserve any and all Prothean artifacts & knowledge.

2 pairs of round morality stickers depicting the Path of the Paragon and the Path of the Renegade. One pair is printed on durable vinyl material while the other pair is a cool holographic material that mimics a metallic sheen across the art.

A pairs of round morality decals depicting the Path of the Paragon and the Path of the Renegade. These are specifically designed to adhere to car windows and the like.

REMEMBER: Save $$$ when you buy multiple stickers! Mix & Match!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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