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ME "Experience the Citadel" Travel Poster

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Mass Effect-inspired fictional travel poster of The Beating heart of Galactic Society.

My first video game specific travel poster is for those talented soldiers out there in the fantastic sci-fi galaxy filled with incredibly diverse and honorable band of elite beings. I’ve always loved this series, with its vast details and the RPG element of choosing how your character deals with the path ahead of him/her. This art piece is dedicated to all of you that welcomed me into your fold and allowed me to share my love for this property with MASS love!

Along with my fascination of "in-universe" art, I wanted to create a travel poster that invited everyone to the Citadel, a massive space station that humanity had only recently gained access to. Many different races inhabit this beautiful place and I tried to put as many of them in this as possible. I also added several of the companions from the universe and many other "Easter Eggs" as well.

This poster is offered in 2 sizes - 9x12 & 11x17 - and is printed on 100 lb. Light Cardstock paper with a satin coating to help pop the colors.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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