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"Strode Realty Halloween" Retro Ad

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9” x 12” in-universe retro styled advertisement featuring Michael Myers (inspired from the movie Halloween).

"Don't let the Boogeyman murder your chance to buy this famous house at a killer price!"

This retro "What If?" advertisement is straight from a 1978 magazine or mailer! After the incident known as The Babysitter Murders, Strode Realty still had a house to sell. So what better way to sell a unwanted house than by lowering the price and using the bad news to your advantage! With Michael Myers off to Smith's Grove Institution, one could get this property for dirt cheap. Get this art piece today and showcase a moment in Haddonfield history that many don't know about.

This poster is printed on 100 lb. Light Cardstock paper with a satin coating to help pop the colors.

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