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"The Shandor Building" 11" x 17" Retro Travel(er) Poster

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Ghostbusters-inspired retro 1920’s advertisement of Shandor Architecture’s newest building (known today as Spook Central).

In the early 1920's (the actual date has been lost in time), a prominent doctor and architect by the name of Dr. Ivo Shandor built several buildings but his crown jewel was The Shandor Building. Located at 550 Central Park West in NYC, it's guise was premium apartments for New York's inhabitants but in actuality it was made to become "a huge super-conductive antennae designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence". This is one of the few remaining copies of a newspaper advertisement announcing the opening of "Spook Central". Professional Paranormal Investigations & Eliminations, Inc. have recreated this as a full fledged poster for fans of the supernatural or just retro art enthusiasts. (Spectral frame not included).
This poster is printed on 130 lb. Extra Heavy Cardstock paper with a textured linen to give an added feel to the print.
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