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WuXing Travel Agency "Metallic Planetary Stickers Set I"

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Firefly/Serenity-inspired vinyl stickers with varying properties.
In a money saving bundled set!

Want to decorate your spaceship with decals of otherworldly locales? Stuck in your bunk and want some scenic landscapes of the 'Verse to brighten your gorram day? The WuXing Travel Agency is here to help! We travel to all the planets, especially the ones that the Alliance doesn't govern. The 'Verse is a beautiful place and we want to share it all!
Introducing our new Planetary Sticker Set for all you Browncoats out there! Each one is printed on durable vinyl material and all have a shiny metallic sheen to them. It's time to show those Blue Sun lackeys what it means to be a REAL traveler!

The stickers stats are as follows:
• Persephone: (3.0” x 3.07”) - vaporwave metallic vinyl
• Whitefall: (3.06” x 3.06”) - vaporwave metallic vinyl
• Sihnon: (3.07” x 3.11”) - vaporwave metallic vinyl
• Regina: (3.03” x 2.93”) - vaporwave metallic vinyl
• WuXing Travel: (4" x 2.04") - holographic vinyl

REMEMBER: Save $$$ when you buy multiple stickers! Mix & Match!
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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