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Fallout Wasteland Retro Ads Art Print Bundle

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Fanart 8"x10" retro advertisements inspired by the Fallout game universe.

After watching the Fallout show on Amazon Prime, I was inspired to create a collage of retro advertisements within the Fallout universe, as if seen scattered on a wall or table somewhere in The Wasteland. Initially, it was just meant to be one main piece in the middle with faded newspaper clippings in the back but I had the itch to create all the ads seen in the collage piece. These are all 5 of those ads in a bundle to save you some Caps!

 In addition to the print advertisements, you get a free chrome sticker only available in this bundle! War Never Changes makes its way onto a beautiful vinyl sticker to place anywhere, a nice reminder that Vault-Boy has you covered in whatever problem comes your way, 

These prints are printed on 100 lb. Textured Card Stock, which gives a unique watercolor-like paper texture. The metallic sticker is printed on highly reflective mirror-like vinyl, giving the artwork a nice shiny pop.

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your patronage!


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