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"Have A Nuke" Retro Fallout Ad Art Print

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Fanart 8"x10" retro advertisement inspired by the Fallout game universe.

After watching the Fallout show on Amazon Prime, I was inspired to create a collage of retro advertisements within the Fallout universe, as if seen scattered on a wall or table somewhere in The Wasteland. Initially, it was just meant to be one main piece in the middle with faded newspaper clippings in the back but I had the itch to create all the ads seen in the collage piece. This is one of those ads.

"Blow That Thirst AWAY!"
Have A Nuke is a retro ad selling the best selling cola in the Wasteland! No matter what's going on, whether rain or shine or mass destruction, this Nuke's for YOU!
This print is printed on 100 lb. Textured Card Stock, which gives a unique watercolor-like paper texture.

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your patronage!


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