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Star Wars Portrait Art Mini-Print Bundle • Leia / Palpatine / Mando / Boba / Han / Poe

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Star Wars-themed 6” x 6” portrait drawing with intergalactic dossier framework complete with extra info goodies.

Greetings to all Space Rebels and Imperials alike! Now you can get your choice of portrait mini-prints of your favorite characters together as a bundle and save a few galactic credits! More portraits to come in the coming months but grab these today to start your collection!
These 6" x 6" art pieces are perfect for areas with little wall space or with plenty of room to showcase several at this size. As you can see, they will fit perfectly next to your computer wall panel, your Imperial paraphernalia or your secret Rebel Alliance posters.

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These are a limited edition run of 150 numbered Giclée prints on art paper. Each one will be signed by me and can be personalized upon request. Perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!! And May the Force be With You! (Galactic frames not included.)

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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