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San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Limited Edition Travel Poster

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The definitive travel poster to the year's biggest pop culture convention of the year!!
A Comic-Con 2022 Limited Release! 

Comic-Con is finally here after a 3-year hiatus! And even though I ran out of time to create this before the con arrived, I'm still dedicated to finishing this piece for all those who want to commemorate the event! Like its WonderCon sister poster, this 11" x 17" limited travel poster features the Convention Center in all its greatness with a bunch of pop culture nods all within a nifty art deco-styled border.

Now that it's complete, this beauty is now full price. BUT, you can still bundle with a WonderCon poster companion and save $5!

Also, due to the increased interest, I've made the edition number limit to 150 pieces. But be vigilant, heroes; Once they are gone, hasta la vista, baby!

This poster is printed on 120 lb. Light Cardstock paper with a satin coating to help pop the colors.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patronage!!


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