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DC Batman Wanted Poster (Villains Perspective) 11" x 17" Hand-Drawn Custom Fan Art • Michael Keaton Tim Burton

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Originally an art piece I did for a local art show, I re-imagined a wanted poster for the Batman Mythos but from the villains perspective. I got the idea from the game Batman Arkham Origins but wanted to do my own take on it - getting the entire Rogue's Gallery in on the fun. I hand drew my favorite version of Batman (Keaton) and then brought into Photoshop for some color tweaking and poster creating! This Giclée is printed on a specialized 118 lb. Heavy Cardstock Cotton art paper, which give a nice weight & textured feel to the poster. Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your patronage! A NOTE ON PERSONALIZATION: This is if you want a name (including yours), message & artist signature on the back of the art print. If you don't want any of this, just type None in the personalization box. A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Because the Etsy Calculated Shipping System does not give us the option to offer discounted shipping for additional items, we will refund any additional shipping costs you are charged and you will only need to pay for shipping the first print. But if you purchase $35 or more, domestic shipping is free!!